Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the URL and all subsections of this URL.

The Juadesign site can leave a cookie on their computer, which can only be read via the Juadesign domain and is used only to compile statistics on the site; it is by no means used to monitor the visitor's extracurricular activities or for other purposes.

Information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. posted by members at Juadesign can not be posted, used, or used for any purpose, without the approval of the member.

Juadesign members can leave a cookie on the computer they use to login to the system. The cookie and the information contained therein are only used for the recall of the member in the future and for the provision of appropriate content.

The site undertakes not to disclose any information belonging to its members to third parties, unless there is an official request by judicial authorities. The technical environment in which the site is located is protected by various technological softwares and the site security is limited by internet and computer security.

The above Privacy Policy protects your rights as a Juadesign member or visitor.